The ceramic artists at the Walk In Art Center have been busy creating handmade bowls for our 2nd Annual SOUPer Bowl! Tickets are $25 and there are only 200 available. 

It's a super-easy and super-cozy way to gear up for a super-busy winter weekend and the Big Game.

Come to the Walk In Art Center on Friday, February 11 from 11:30a to 1:30p and choose one of over 300 handmade bowls.  Then move down the line to choose from 2 different soups, grab some chips, a roll, and dessert and walk out the door with a tidy, handled to-go bag for lunch.

The SOUPer Bowl is sponsored by The Willenborg Wealth Management Group of Raymond James and Personal Touch by Debbie Gilbert.

Get your tickets today!  Click Here!