Schuylkill County, USA – July 22, 2018 — Walk In Art Center Studio Artist, Lori Remmel, was one of 10 artists that earned a spot in the Tröegs Beer private collection at their annual art competition this past week. The competition was hosted by Tröegs and open to all forms of art including flat, 3D/sculpture, and songs. Winners had their work purchased by Tröegs and will be part of their 2018 Art of Tröegs Show. The pieces will also become a part of Tröegs permanent art collection.

            Remmel’s piece was a mixed media work inspired by the Tröegs drink, Nectar Nugget.  She explains that her experience of the drink is influenced by a rare sensory condition: synesthesia. “Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. So basically, my sensory wires get crossed,” Remmel explains. Her altered perception also leads her to experience sensory stimulus in layers, which lead to the “sensory landscape” that she created for Tröegs.

            The Walk In Art Center is thrilled to congratulate Lori on her success. “We love when artists take advantage of the opportunities we advertise,” said Lisa Robinson, Executive Director of the WIAC. “It is great to see a piece of art from one of our artists going out into the public to be enjoyed by the community. We thank Tröegs for hosting this excellent competition.”  Remmel and the other winners will have their work displayed above the Tröegs Splinter Cellar at their Hershey Brewery.