Schuylkill County, USA – July 30, 2018 — This past week, the Walk In Art Center welcomed a very special group of people for two free art classes: individuals in recovery and their families. Organized by Kathi Mengle, WIAC studio artist, and Julie Richards, Artist Association, the project, “Recovery & Art,” was funded thanks to a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Registration was available to anyone in recovery, as well as their family members. Mengle and Richards wanted to include families to emphasize their importance to and involvement in the recovery process.

The mission of the class was to provide what Mengle likes to call, “a reward for recovery” – something positive to reinforce the progress that an individual has made in their own journey.  In this case, that reward came in the form of a fun, relaxing evening of making art. Participants used ink on tile to create beautiful designs. For many, it was their first time experimenting with that medium. “Many of the people who attended the class told us they loved creating with such a fun medium,” Mengle said.

The Walk In Art Center is proud of the work done by Mengle & Richards to bring such a great and supportive program to the community and thanks the PA Council on the Arts for providing financial support to the project.  As Mengle put it, “Some people told us it was the best thing that happened to them all year! We were so happy to hear that. Maybe, just maybe we touched somebody’s life in some way. That was the goal.” Pieces from the class will be on display at the Walk In Art Center during the August 4th Open House from 1pm to 5pm.