It is our goal at the Walk In Art Center to inspire art, lacing our communities together. Introducing murals, bringing all ages together, from inception to completion.

This initiative represents a bigger way to get art out in surrounding communities. Know of a building, facade, school or business in need of a mural? Contact us! 

For more information, visit the WIAC Art 4U Facebook page or e-mail at

Mural projects that are in the works currently in Pottsville (featuring artist Danielle Beury), Tamaqua (featuring artist Julie Richards) and Minersville (featuring artist Pablo Kulp)


Artist Danielle Beury met with the Pottsville Area School District Art Department to discuss the Pottsville Mural. Danielle was the Artist in Residence at the school district this year. She collaborated with students to come up with the finished design.

Danielle spent many solo hours working on the mural and she was also assisted by students and other WIAC artists to complete the work.

In mid July, the mural began installation on the side of the DHH Lengel Middle School. Danielle and WIAC Board Member Debbie Gilbert used a lift truck to apply the many pieces of the mural to the facade of the building. 

It is now ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.


In collaboration with the Tamaqua Community Arts Center and Tamaqua School District, WIAC artist Julie Richards began brainstorming ideas along with students to conceptualize the Tamaqua Mural.

Julie was the Artist in Residence at Tamaqua School District, and worked alongside WIAC Studio Artist and Art Teacher, Lori Remmel. Students and the community had hands on experience, collaborating on the mural.

Stay tuned as the Tamaqua Mural nears completion. It's final home will be on the side of the Verizon building in Tamaqua. 


In addition to Pottsville and Tamaqua, Minersville was also on the slate for a mural during the school year. WIAC Artist Pablo Kulp met with students in the school to collaborate on ideas on bringing the Minersville Mural to life.

The mural will be placed at the Minersville Baseball Field Dugout when completed.