Walk In Art Center and Schuylkill County Fair Combine Efforts A unique mirror into the insights of our community. That might be the best way to explain the outcome of a project spearheaded by the Walk In Art Center and debut at the 2016 Schuylkill County Fair. Michael McCord and Kim Lorimer of the Walk In Art Center are partnering with fellow artist Jonathan Paroby and Bonnie Bluee to put together a portable Wall and exhibit it at the 2016 Schuylkill County Fair which runs August 1 through the 6. The wall will be a public expression of art and creativity with in our lives.

So what makes this Wall so unique? It is the message. The message is a fill-in-the blank question: “Before I die, I want to ___.” Fair goers will be given the opportunity to fill in the blank. The wall will be like a giant chalk board and the public is invited to answer the question. This gives participants the opportunity to have a voice and share more with one another. This interactive art project will be introduced for the first time to residents of Schuylkill County at the Fair. Each installment on the wall will be photographed, documented and at some point an exhibit or booklet or magazine article featuring the results will be compiled from this sociological interaction.

This community art endeavor evolved out of New Orleans where Candy Chang an Artist, Designer and Urban Planner transformed an abandoned house in the community into a giant chalkboard asking a fill –in-the-blank question: “Before I die, I want to ___.” Not knowing what to expect, by the next day’s she was delighted to see the wall was entirely filled out, and it kept growing. The answered she received were surprising, poignant, and funny and became an unexpected mirror for the community. Mike Mc Cord wanted to expand upon the idea after some conceptual work that enlisted the help of fellow artist Jonathan Parody, Bonnie Bluee and Kim Lorimer. Mike wanted to make the Wall portable so the Walk In Art Center could take it to different venues around the county. Mike is hoping to engage the public, with the hope of unearthing some exciting ideas about our county. Mike invites the public to participate in this exchange of art and insight.

Note: Article written by The Schuylkill County Fair Association