Artist Jon Bon will chronicle 60 years of work in his "Stony Run Valley" solo exhibition February 2 through March 17th.  An opening reception will be held on February 2 at 6 pm.  Complimentary refreshments are available.

Jon's rustic view of America is on display and will delight your senses.  Jon has included an audio tour so bring your phone and earbuds to walk through Jon's world.  Preview Jon's work at his website here then drop by and see these amazing works throughout the month.  Please join use for the opening reception on February 2.

About Jon:

Jonathan Bond is an artist who specializes in oil paintings. His works are known for their rustic beauty and are inspired by the landscapes around him.   Additionally, he has created a 15-foot-tall beer bottle and decorated the Gambrinus German restaurant inside and out. During Presidents Day Weekend, he sold twenty Lincoln originals at a show titled “Abraham Lincoln, American Dreamer”