Schuylkill County Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Walk In Art Center is a meeting place for the Schuylkill County Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

The non-profit organization has a Facebook page that is maintained frequently to keep followers up to date on events, fundraisers and other important matters.

Kristie Ondisco is the organizations Chair.

WIAC Studio Artist Phyllis Gallagher is the committee’s co-chair. In addition to being a talented artist and former photography teacher, Phyllis is incredibly passionate about Alzheimer’s awareness.

The organization will be hosting May's meeting on May 8, at noon and 6pm.  All other meetings will be on the third Tuesday of every month with two different times, noon and 6pm.

For more information or to learn how to get involved with the organization, contact Chair Kristi Ondisco at 570-640-0663 and Co-Chair Phyllis Gallagher at 570-640-2457