WIAC Opens “Watercolor Journey” Exhibition

Local Artist, Robert Kline’s, exhibit features a variety of water color and multimedia pieces from his life-long creative exploration as a disabled artist.


Schuylkill County, USA – July 14, 2018 — Patrons flocked to the Walk In Art Center’s Main Gallery on Thursday to celebrate the opening of its newest exhibition, “Watercolor Journey,” by Schuylkill County artist, Robert Kline. His exhibit will be on display in the Main Gallery at the WIAC until the end of August.

Kline’s collection features vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and images from nature. He mainly works in watercolor, but has also likes to create mixed-media educational pieces.  The secret behind his unique water color designs isn’t in the paint, it’s in the paper. Kline prefers to use “yupo,” a variety of paper that was originally developed for printing, but is also the perfect canvas for watercolor.  Kline’s art has brightened the community and won awards at many different venues over the years, including Heritage Day, Block of Art, Allied Artists, and the County Fair.

It seems that, for Kline, artwork runs in the family. His Watercolor Journey actually began with a different medium in childhood – graph paper. As his skills in creating intricate patterns progressed, so did his desire to paint. His mother, the artist that gave him his first set of watercolors all those years ago, has been with him to encourage his work every step of the way. When asked what inspired this or quarter-of-a-century-long journey, Kline paused thoughtfully before stating, “my mom.”

 The Walk In Art Center is thrilled to welcome Mr. Kline to our gallery and hopes that the community will come support his work throughout July and August.