November 4, 2017

The Walk In Art Center would proudly like to announce the list of accepted submissions and winners during the second annual Keystone Fine Art Juried Exhibit. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work and joined us during the opening reception.


Hayley Stokes - Thoughts Torture Me – Honorable Mention

Jordan Fees - The Poisoned Apple            

Laura Brady - Be Still      

Lynn Denmon - Innerorgan        

Mary Millan Klunk -  Repose in Blue – Second Place

Robert  Stickloon – Vise – First Place

Sheryl Doyle - Parrot      

Susan Wagner - Mame  

Folk Art

Georgine Borchick - Pysanky In Different Methods           

Georgine Borchick – Nazanyka – First Place

Kim Fritzges - St. George – Second Place

Kim Fritzges - St. Michael             

Lorraine Felker - A Day at the Beach

Lorraine Felker - Sunset

Mixed Media – Collage/Fiber/Screen Printing

Jim Heller - Just As In The Time of Daniel - First Place

Jim Heller - Zuni Bird      

Jim Heller - Psalm 149:6

Julie Richards - The Flow

Kathi Mengle -   Myarai-Humble Women              

Kathi Mengle - Nesta-Pleasure/Olamida-My Wealth has Come/Lerato-Be Loved Women

Kathi Mengle - Sanaa-Piece of Art – Honorable Mention

Lori Quinn - Market Street Turset             

Lori Remmel - Universe Child     

Lori Remmel - My Overextension

Lori Remmel - Humanize Robot Selfie – Second Place

Audrey Bordonaro Abe - 56

Audrey Bordonaro Abe - Stratum             

Edward Babiarz – Helen – Honorable Mention     

Joanne Minnick - Industrial Rose             

Joanne Minnick - Hawk Mountain Repousse      

Joanne Minnick - On Lotus Pond              

Marg Wolf - Breathe      

Martha Ressler - Real Food Grown in Healthy Soil             

Martha Ressler - Pecking in the Corn      

Molly Kantner Reed - Where's Mona? (Sudoku #20)         

Phyllis Gallagher - Maddening Rushing Flight       

Phyllis Gallagher - Mother May I

Richard Frederick - Clarke            

Richard Frederick - Jonas             

Robert Kline- Pueblo Village        

Oil/Acrylic/Water Color

Audrey Bordonaro Abe - Caribbean Conservation             

Bob McCormick - Sonia's Not a Story Yet               

Bob McCormick - Not My Egypt 

Bob McCormick - Golgotha in slate: Anthracite Fields

Bruce Jones - Ruffed Grouse Courtship  

Bruce Jones - Goshawk with Prey             

Bruce Jones - Sailing Into the Sunset       

Georgine Borchick - Midnight Reading   

Hayley Stokes - Not I, Not I,But the Wind that Blows Through Me              

Joanne Kline - Autumn Splendor

Johnathan Paroby - Carnival Decompensate       

Johnathan Paroby - Dimentia (Tribute)  

Jonathan Bond - Snyder's Trough             

Kristine Miller-Siple - It's My Party           

Kristine Miller-Siple - Hooked It 

Kristine Miller-Siple - Monkeying Around – First Place       

Marg Wolf - Divining      

Marg Wolf - The Comforter

Mark Sassani - Looking for Trout - Second Place

Mark Sassani - Anthracite Fire Co II

Mark Sassani - Bike Bridge           

Mary Millan Klunk - Morning Stretch      

Mary Millan Klunk - Outdistancing the Storm      

Michael McCord - Blue Lady       

Michael McCord - JFK 2 

Michael Wurster - A Queen        

Michael Wurster - Perserverance            

Milan Melicharek - Penna Winter

Milan Melicharek - Berks County Grist Mill           

Milan Melicharek - Nocturnal Sea            

Molly Kantner Reed - Semaphore Sudoku (Sudoku #21) 

Molly Kantner Reed - Bonnie Bluee-Doku (Sudoku #18)  

Nancy Rinehart - Fish-I  

Nancy Rinehart - Outside the Barn           

Nancy Rinehart - Owl's Head Light            

Nannette Brophy Major - Outrageous Light          

Pamela Albert - Miller's Garden

Phyllis Bensinger - Northern Ligths, N.D.

Phyllis Bensinger - January Farm

Robert Kline - Abundant Life      

Robert Bugden - Monument Valley Sunset          

Robert Bugden - Geo-2 

Robert  Bugden - Dog On A Sand Bar – Honorable Mention            

Suzanne Karterman-Storck - Richard       

Suzanne Karterman-Storck - Pond Surprise          


Buddy Adams - Stormy Lundy Lake          

Buddy Adams - Smoky Mono Lake           

Buddy Adams - Cima Sunset       

Carol Deihl - Mardi Gras Red

Carol Deihl - The Wiz      

Dawn Bendetti - Petals 

Dawn Bendetti - Powder              

Guy Lehman - Ram Island Ledge Light     

Jay Ressler - From When She Was So Young         

Jay Ressler - Looking North on Pimlico Sound – Second Place

Jim Rinehart - Barbed-Wire I       

Jim Rinehart - Open Gate             

Lori Quinn - She's Beautiful         

Lori Quinn – Grace – First Place

Pamela Foley - Gray Wolf at Morning     

Pamela Foley - The Whale's Tale               

Pamela Foley - First Amendment: Where Is Truth?           

Paula Jacob - Forsaken 

Paula Jacob - Frozen Reflection 

Phyllis Gallagher - #smalltownlife series "Red Chair" – Honorable Mention

Remo Piccioni - Egret Reflection

Remo Piccioni - Foggy Morning Stroll      

Remo Piccioni    Lewistown Valley Sunrise            

Student 17 & Under

Madeline Robinson - The Road to Anywhere      

Madeline Robinson - The Golden Ticket 

Madeline Robinson - Sunset       

Sadie Bowman – Observing – Honorable Mention

Cassidy Bordonaro - Secrets       

Cassidy Bordonaro – Agoraphobia – First Place

Cassidy Bordonaro – Finestra – Second Place