August 9, 2016 14:31 in notes.

When a group of people come together and work as a team, anything is possible. And that's exactly what happened recently at The Walk In Art Center. We reported earlier that Studio Artist Mike McCord rallied fellow artists, community volunteers and generous sponsors to complete the interactive "Before I Die" chalkboard wall. The wall debuted at the 2016 Schuylkill County Fair in the Arts & Craft Building. Mike represented The Walk In Art Center during the fair and reported the wall was a huge success. Fair goers shared all kinds of goals and dreams including, "traveling the world," "getting a PhD," "winning the lottery," meeting Mr. Right," getting a dog," and so many more.

The Pottsville Republican news team was at the fair on Sunday when The Walk In Art Center reps were taking down the wall. Mike told reporters that, "It's not about dying. It's about living." He explained that the wall can help people realize what they want to get out of life before they die.

The "Before I Die..." display is built on scaffolding so with the help of a few people, it's easy to transport from one location to another. This project is just one way The Walk In Art Center is connecting with the community. The next scheduled appearance is The Island Fest in Schuylkill Haven on August 20.