One of the area's most well-known and prolific artists is showcased at the Walk In Art Center from September 3 through October 15.  An opening "happy hour" reception will be held on September 3rd from 6 to 9 pm. 

Bob Stickloon retired from teaching at Penn State Schuylkill after 35 years and now devotes his time to his art.  He describes himself as a total formalist, meaning he chooses subjects for the sheer joy or challenge of painting them.  Don't look for deeper meaning in Bob's work, he paints what he sees.  His work is so realistic that it almost appears photographic and above all else, it's just plain fun.  

Bob's Artist Statement:

"Whenever I'm asked for an artist's statement I always think of a bit of advice I received as a freshman drawing student. Our wise old professor told us, when we were groping for profound and exotic subject matter, that we have enough subjects within a block of our house to keep us busy for a lifetime. Since I'm now alone for the first time in my long life, this seems to become truer with each day. Being alone puts one in a heightened state of awareness. All the objects around me are so personal, collectively so telling of a lifetime of experience, that they really are self-portraits. I admit, not an original idea, but, just the same, I think anyone viewing a retrospective of my life's work would get a vivid image of my daily existence, and maybe consider the clutter in their lives of greater significance."