The Walk In Art Center is transformed into the Dunnem Inn is a grand and elegant Transylvanian hotel.

Show Dates: Oct. 13 & 14 Purchase tickets here

With regular coach tours departing from the hotel every day and themed murder mystery evenings every weekend, Dunnem Inn aims to make any visit to Romania both comfortable and unforgettable.

Guests are always encouraged to join in with the festivities of Halloween during their stay at Dunnem Inn and this evening is no exception. Surrounded by ghosts, vampires, witches and zombies, the staff hope to engage you in a lively Halloween themed murder mystery.

The problem is, tonight it’s a REAL body they discover...

Get into the Halloween spirit a bit early. Dress up (or not) and work with the detective to figure out the murderer. Audience members will have the opportunity to interact with the suspects, ask their own questions, and have loads of fun while doing it.