Saturday, March 16th: The Main Gallery at The Walk In Art Center

The first Dance Boot camp was held, courtesy of yoga instructor Melissa Kapushinski and Crimson Academy for The Performing Arts (Pottsville) Our mission: To prepare our dance duos for our innaugural fundraiser, "Dancing with the Walk In Stars"

The morning began with an intense yoga stretch lesson, led by Melissa Kapushinski (she teaches yoga in our Main Gallery on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week)

Couples were then paired with instructors from the Academy as they went through some Latin, Hip-Hop and Jazz style moves. Each station lasted about 45 minutes each (Thank you Leandra Maley, Katrina Calvin, Mykaihla Sternick and Melissa!)

Another Boot-camp is going to be held on Saturday, March 30 as we continue to prepare our dance duos for a memorable night. 

General admission tickets to "Dancing with the Walk In Stars" are available here

If you would like to sponsor our contestants, all details can be found here 

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Our contestants are:

Ryan Bates & Cara Bates (Evans Delivery), Harry Ciaverella (M&T Bank) & Beth Ciavarella (Schuylkill IU 29), Jordan Fees (Walk In Art Center) & Meagan Sherry (Saint Ambrose School), Tennyson Coleman (Fox 56 News) & Rebekah Cianella (Rebekah School of Dance, Scranton), Haley Bianco (WBRE News) & Bryan Baylee (The Wolf), Tina Rose & Ron Kelly (Penn State Schuylkill), Ashley Donatti (Hydro) & Melissa Seiger (Pine Grove Elementary), Tom Badger (Mass Mutual) & his partner TBA

We hope to see you on Saturday, May 18th!