Recently, the Walk In Art Center introduced a program that welcomes artists without a studio, an opportunity to still be involved. This program is called the Artists' Association . It invites local talent to receive some of the same benefits that studio artists have. It includes the opportunity to be a part of some of the center's exhibitions, getting to know other artists and feel a sense of community in the art world.

One such example is the WIAC Artists' 3rd Annual Exhibition, which opened earlier this month. Works ranged from pencil illustration, watercolor paintings, mixed media and more. The show features both studio artists and artist association members.

The benefits of the art center reach beyond it's own facility. One artist who has progressed his professional artistic endeavors with the center is Jordan Fees. He is currently spearheading an artist in residence program at Schuylkill Haven Area Middle School, which is well underway. Other associated artists take their work on the road and enter various exhibitions. They have the benefit of the Walk In Art Center's camaraderie .

Fees explained, "The WIAC is a great community asset. I started creating coloring book pages for free children's activities, which then led to teaching some classes as well as folk art camps. Now I am doing an artist in residence program that is gaining community interest. I am also representing WIAC at Penn State Schuylkill's Lion Launch program. Joining the artist association has real merit and more benefits than I ever imagined."

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