Join the fun at the Walk In Art Center's next murder mystery dinner theatre show, "Who Lynched Lee Prechaun?" Show dates are March 15 & 16, 2024

Tickets are $50 and include dinner from Carmelo's Roman Delight and an open bar of beer and wine and other beverages.

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The story:
The quiet little Irish town of Killfenny is both picturesque and traditional. Life in the village has continued pretty much as it has done since it was first constructed in 1901 and all the residents are happy, at least, they were until recently…

Lee Prechaun, the current owner of the Prechaun Family Estate has plans to demolish over half the village and modernise the area with an extensive pleasure complex and designer shopping mall.

The villagers are up in arms and an urgent meeting is called in the village hall to oppose the plans. However, when the villagers arrive they find that someone has already dealt with the proposal! Lee Prechaun is dead. Strung from the rafters!