The 783 Points of Light Program from the Walk In Art Center will host a Mural Reveal reception and the general public, state and county officials, school teachers and administrators are all invited to view these wonderful works before they find homes around the community. Business and individuals are encouraged to come and bid on the pieces to have them installed on their property. Then each piece will be part of a county-wide hunt for the murals over the next several years.

The reception will include live music and refreshments so please join us to celebrate this multi-year endeavor.

There are 783 square miles in Schuylkill County and 11 of the 12 county school districts were given a portion of the 783 square feet of mural to design. Each school had their own vision and their art teachers and a WIAC artist helped the students create their pieces. The projects took longer than planned due to covid restrictions and shut downs, but the 783 square feet are ready for installation! Come and see!