The Walk In Art Center, Schuylkill Haven Recreation and TB Landscaping have partnered to get the public out and about using art!  Local organizations, rec centers and YOU can make this a FUN rock hunt.

Create, Hide, Find & Post

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More Details:

Painting a Rock: You can use any type of paint you want or have around the house. Acrylic paint is the most common.  Seal or not to seal – your choice. You can use clear spray, gloss or matte. Every rock must have #570rocks on the back.

Hiding a Rock: Hiding rocks is just as fun as finding them.  Be creative, but not disrespectful. Ask permission to hide at a private business.  Don’t put them in any grass areas – mowing over a rock can hurt you and/or your mower.

Finding a Rock: Are you excited? You just found a rock!  Make sure it has #570rocks on the back, if it doesn’t put it back – it is not part of our program.

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