Studio 317

Mike McCord - Watercolor, Drawing

Mike has been interested in art all his life. Always known for his moving pencil he has often referred to himself as an advanced doodler. Mike studied Advertising Art in college and went on to a career in the Graphic Arts field employing the more technical aspects of the art trade. In recent years his career has taken a turn into the political arena but his persistent urge to put marks on paper to make a picture has never wavered. Throughout his career Mike has kept a sketch book as a tool and a hobby to keep his roots in the creative world alive and strong. Since joining the WIAC in July of 2014 he is
taking his art from the sketchbook onto a broader stage exploring a fuller range of creative expression. Although he is trying to explore a larger world of creative experience the sketchbook remains a significant tool in Mike’s creative arsenal. Mike offers classes in keeping a sketchbook called Urban Sketching contact the WIAC for more details.



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