Studio 315

Molly Kantner Reed - Painting

After having spent a successful career in the non-art world, it was only a few years ago that Molly Kantner Reed started to paint again. Growing up, her artistic mother taught and encouraged her in art. Molly then earned a BFA in Fine Arts from Kutztown University, but for practical reasons put her paintbrush aside during her working years. Missing painting later in life, she signed on for a studio when the Walk In Art Center was newly opened, stating, “Lack of extra time and space during those busy working years kept me from painting. The Walk In is giving me a realistic second chance to pursue my life’s passion.”
Molly’s paintings’ subject matter reflects imagery very personal to her. Whether working on her carefully measured, geometrically precise Sudoku-inspired paintings or on her more recent loosely painted expressionist landscapes, she is concerned with the energy, movement and rhythm her color choices and marks create. “It’s important to me to choose colors for their interaction with one another, and thus, for the feel and energy their interplay creates in the work as a whole,” she says. She also loves to see a painting with thick use of paint and much texture, derived by stroke of either brush or palette knife. Molly explains, “It’s those marks and their resulting texture, as well as the color interplay that are my key components to creating that sense of energy in my works.”

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