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Johnathan Paroby - Photography, Painting

My work is autobiographical in nature; a way to express my thoughts and share experiences. It is a crucial way for me to process the world around me. Some easily dispose of the intricacies of everyday life. I tend to hold on a bit longer. Each of my works has roots in something intangible: a thought, a memory, something seen, words spoken, faces long gone. Eventually these things become a part of what I create with my camera, in print, through writing, and with a brush. Aspects of my experiences are translated into size, shape, color, lens, perspective and title. Perhaps you see it as well.

My education has been non-traditional. With some exposure to various art media, and art history in high school, I've mostly learned through experience; sometimes the hard way. Fortunately, there were helpful instructors early on and great friendships, and influences along the way.

Around a camera since age 14, I found a path of my own. I have a strong memory of the first time my eyes adjusted to a darkroom. The camera has always seemed to click with me, and curiosity fuels my desire to mature as an artist. Always learning as I go, I never forget the process and original thought of what sparked my artistic passion.

Recently my path has included other forms of art, such as painting, combining prose with photographs, visual installations, and collaborations with local artist & organizations. Among the tools I enjoy working with are: Nikon digital equipment, 120 and 220 medium format film, a good solid tripod, Guers Iced Tea and MACs.

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