Studio 308

Caroline Gavalis - Jeweler

Drawing inspiration from the organic forms, textures, and colors of nature, I create wearable art. Many of my pieces are abstract representations of plants, which inspire me because they are forms perfected over millions of years. Plant forms are complex in their functions, but simple and efficient in form. Despite taking millions of years to evolve, most natural objects are transient. The heart of my work is drawing the fleeting natural elegance of nature and crystallizing it into art that will last for generations; merging transient and timeless in a single work of art.
Currently, I work with natural faceted and cabochon cut stones set in sterling silver. From these elements, I create pieces that showcase the stones by highlighting their geometry in silver. Silver is a material that is widely used in mass-produced jewelry. Often, I acquire unwanted or broken jewelry. This enables me to create something new and unique from jewelry that was copied millions of times.

I am originally from Bucks County Pennsylvania, and I currently reside in Schuylkill county. I have been living here since 2010. I have a B.S. in Biology (2008) and a B.F.A. in Crafts (2015) from Kutztown University. I have always had a fascination with learning about the world around me, and creating from those observations. Science and art to me, go hand in hand. Science makes the abstract concrete, while art takes what is concrete and abstracts those facts into something simplified in form, but complex in meaning.

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