Joann Allen

Genre: CeramicsGlasswork

Joann Allen

Joann Allen
Windy Valley Art Works
WIAC Artist Association

Realizing the fast pace of today’s world, I’ve come to a point in life, where using my hands to create an object that will cause a person to pause, feel, and enjoy every moment has become a part of me. It’s not important that what one sees is functional so much as it gives pleasure and the feeling of continuity. To have a function or use is a plus. 

Nature influences me as do the forms and colors surrounding my world. Sometimes a bit of humor thrown in as every life should have plenty of. My work will have imperfections, this will give it character as does imperfections give us character and individually. 

I hope to leave an impression of warmth, of a pleasant moment of reflection, and a feeling of taking a time a time out of our busy world. 

Contact Information:
Walk In Art Center
220 Parkway Ave Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

I Hope You Enjoy My Work

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