Amber Fink

Genre: Photography

Amber Fink

Amber Fink provides the creative energy behind Golden Finch Photography. A domestic violence survivor her theme is "Nature Heals Nature Reveals". A lifelong resident of Schuylkill County, she began to photograph the nature around her during contemplative walks as part as her journey to recovery.

Her photography captures the beauty and intrigue that surrounds all of us. Being out in the solitude of nature to heal allowed her to focus on the small precious things we tend to miss in our busy lives. Her vision continues to evolve. Her photography elicits a range of emotions from the serenity of a sunset to the comfort and stability of a rustic barn to the playfulness of a fluttering butterfly.

Amber is a mother and has raised her children to appreciate the beauty of their environment. Her professional background is in nursing. She provides comfort and reassurance to patients daily and she brings a similar focus, passion and commitment to her photography.

Amber invites you to view her works and hopes through the beauty she has photographed nature heals, reveals and empowers!

I Hope You Enjoy My Work

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