Walk In Art Center Juried Artist Association Program



As Walk In Art Center Juried Artists our goal is to grow and develop as artists both individually and collectively. We will strive to achieve this shared commitment through the use of our creativity and imagination as artists to stimulate, educate, illuminate, thought-provoke, and entertain.


The Artist Association is a self-governing group of artists that are members under the Walk In Art Center umbrella. There are many opportunities and gatherings to keep you informed and add to your growth.

WIAC Artist Association Meetings

Part of your commitment as a member of the Artist Association is Community Service. These Artist Association meetings discuss the opportunities available and generate new ideas to help grow the Walk In Art Center and the individual artists together. In addition to developing ideas and activities about art for the artists. The association meetings are intended to focus the energies of that community service commitment into art related projects like the framing workshop that could benefit our community of artist as well as extending and improving the reputation of the Walk In Art Center. The Open Studio Night, Movie Night, & Drink &Draw are all evidence of the kind of activities and energies the Artist’s Association is designed to develop, inspire and promote. Artist Association meetings are the fourth Wednesday of every month (unless noted).

Open House Meetings

Open House Artist meetings are primarily for the Walk In Art Center to inform and discuss the Art Centers activities, opportunities, and issues related to the operation and marketing of the Walk In Art Center and how those elements specifically involve us – the artists.    These meetings are at noon in the second floor classroom on the first Saturday of the month (except July).

Open Studio Night

An evening of opportunity to study and draw/paint from a nude human figure or still life. Our models range in a variety of body types which are consistently challenging and great practice for building artistic skill and inspiration. Our still life pieces offer the same challenges and learning experiences. Open Studio Night is always the second Wednesday of the month (unless noted) in the 2nd floor classroom. $10 WIAC Artists $20 Future WIAC Artists. (18+ for nude model night – check our website calendar or Facebook for details).

Documentary Night

Enjoy an evening watching a predetermined documentary based on an array of artists. After, join in a discussion about the film/artist/etc. BYOB, snack and chair in the 2nd floor classroom. $5 Suggested donation. Documentary Nights are the 3rd Wednesday of every month (unless noted).

Drink & Draw

Join the WIAC Artists for a night on the town. A location is sent out to all artists to meet. This is an organic evening of friends, laughter and art. Bring your art supplies and engage in an impromptu art session. Check website calendar for dates and location. Must be 21+ to participate.

Benefits of a WIAC Artist

  • An opportunity to share work and updates of shows, awards and special projects for promotional purposes
  • Networking and professional development
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Community outreach projects and events
  • Pathway towards a WIAC Studio Artists position
  • Participation in WIAC Artists’ Exhibitions
  • Participation in WIAC Artist of the Month exhibit during a scheduled First Saturday Open House
  • Educational opportunities:
    Instruct or host a WIAC class or workshop (stipend offered)
    Take part in educational opportunities at the WIAC
  • Invitation to select Artists-Only-After-Hours Events
  • Mentoring by WIAC Studio and/or Alumni Artists
  • Camaraderie with local artists
  • Monthly rotating Guest Artist, split 70/30.

Requirements of a WIAC Artist

  • Must be a creative individual seeking artistic growth in fine arts and fine crafts
    ○ Fine crafts include such work as ceramics, textiles, jewelry, all kinds of sculpture, glass, photography, video and more
  • Submit portfolio to jury committee for review – three (3) to five (5) pieces
  • $50 membership fee per year or $30 per year with Student ID
    ○ Opportunities for needs-based sponsorships are available
  • All WIAC Artists must participate in at least three (3) First Saturday Open Houses
  • All WIAC Artists must contribute annually to the WIAC community service projects

To Become a WIAC Artist

To apply complete online registration

WIAC Artist Jury Committee

  • Composed of 3 studio artists, 1 artist and 1 board member
  • Meet quarterly to review submitted artist portfolios

  • First Quarter Review – March. Artwork due by February 15th.
  • Second Quarter Review – June. Artwork due by May 16th.
  • Third Quarter Review – September. Artwork due by August 15th
  • Fourth Quarter Review – December. Artwork due by November 14th


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