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Kenny Dixon - Filmmaker, Cinematographer and Still Photographer

Kenny Dixon is a Filmmaker, Cinematographer and Still Photographer. Born and raised in southern New Mexico, he has lived, worked and traveled throughout the United States, observing and absorbing the vast diversity of cultures which have influenced his work. His film industry career began in 1989 and for the past 15 years has focused his attentions on cinematography while based in Brooklyn, NY. Past cinematography credits include both short form and feature length motion pictures and documentaries that have screened throughout the United States and internationally.

His true passion was, and is, narrative cinema, beginning with a love for the French New Wave Cinema which came about when artists and writers discovered a new “brush” known as a motion picture camera. “While many jobs bring financial reward, narrative cinema feeds my heart, my soul and my spirit.” As a director, narrative cinema can be the ultimate form of story telling. It is the task of blending images and words to lead an audience into the world of the story. As a cinematographer, a narrative film requires the skill and imagination to not just “illuminate or capture” an image, but to “paint” the image through the use of light, color, movement and composition. The collaborative nature of filmmaking has provided him the opportunity to work with talented directors, actors and various crew from around the globe. The list of notable talent he has had the privilege to work with includes; Michael Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., Tim Conway, Chris Evans & Joe Biden. Credits have included work for IBM, Virgin America, DirecTV, McDonald’s, Toyota and Nike.

Kenny Dixon has also written, produced and directed numerous short films and promotional videos. This work more fully illustrates his unique visual perspective compared to his work as a cinematographer which is more frequently an interpretation of a director’s vision. As a director, he maintains the belief that a film should always be open for interpretation by the audience and not neatly tied up in a pretty package. Much like events in real life where people experience and have an emotional reaction to the event based on many factors, such as their mood, perspective of the event in relation to others, past life events and more.

His unique visual perspective is also on display in his work as a still photographer. The majority of this work is seen in his fine art photographs of rural and urban landscapes, portraits and random objects. But is also witnessed in his commercial photography which includes portraits, merchandise and a distinctly documentary style of capturing personal events such as parties, weddings and other such gatherings or occasions.

His studied filmmaking at Los Angeles Valley College and Loyola Marymount University. He also had the unique opportunity of being selected to attend a semester long workshop held at USC film school and being instructed by distinguished cinematographers such as Jordan Cronenweth, Stephen Burum and others.

As a member of Walk In Art Center he has a two fold ambition in addition to expanding on his own work. 1) Through classes and/or workshops bring an education of cinema to the local community with limited access to the process of filmmaking and 2) Incorporate local artists in future projects by collaborating with them in their areas of expertise.

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